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A Personal loan is used for travel expenses, marriage expenses, educational expenses, medical expenses or any other such expenses.
Interest rate range: 10.99% to 22% (Annual rate of interest)
Minimum and maximum period for repayment period): 1-5 years
Processing fee : 1%-3% of the loan amount

What is a
Business Loan?

Any type of financing used to fund business expenditure is a business loan. These funds may be used for expenses such as infrastructure, salary, funding inventor and are typically paid back with interest. They are provided by online lenders, banks, and other financial institutions.

What is GST Filing


The basic meaning of “GST Return Filing” is “maintaining financial accounts” per year. Bookkeeping and GST Return Filing can be divided into several fields including financial GST Return Filing, managing general GST Return Filing, professional GST Return Filing, chartered accountant, auditing, tax GST Return Filing and cost GST Return Filing.

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We are a leading financial, auditing and corporate services. An organization, offering a wide range of services including accounting.
auditing, assurance, taxation, business advisory, management consultancy and company incorporation services to our clients.



Trusted Advisor | Consulting | Debt Advisory And Business Funding | Financial Planning | Insolvency And Restructuring



Our use of data analytics can give business owners valuable insights into the operations and controls in their business



We believe in clarity, objectivity and accountability that have made us a successful advisory.



We provide our clients with an effective compliance service, to make sure that the tax compliance are dealt with.

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GS Auditors aim to help our clients meet their goals by providing a range of services and expertise that supports them in their endeavours. We are familiar with clients covering many sectors as follows Manufacturing, Professional services, Retail, Agriculture, Construction, Property rental and development, Transport, Information Technology, Design and Marketing and Service businesses.

  • Manufacturings
  • Retail
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Property rental and development
  • Transport
  • Information Technology
  • Design and Marketing and Service businesses
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We Provide all kind of Tax & Loan Services

Our understanding of your business coupled with our dynamic financial expertise gives us the power. To see beyond the numbers and provide the greatest solution to your requirements.


Business Loan

To start a business, revamp the existing business and for expansion purposes, a business loan is the primary financial product availed by individuals and enterprises. A Business loan is offered to meet working capital requirements, buy equipment or machinery, enhance business cash flow and much more.


GST Filing

GST has simplified the tax return filing process by integrating the sellers’ and buyers’ information about goods & services. GST council along with finance ministry came up with a mechanism of GSTN (goods and services tax network) where all the details about invoices, buying, selling, date, location are duly reported by the taxpayers.


IT Returns Filing

There are two types of taxes in India – direct tax and indirect tax. Direct tax is a tax that is calculated and paid directly on your Income e.g. tax on salary etc. Income tax is a direct tax. Indirect tax is a tax that is indirectly charged to you on purchase of goods or use of service e.g. Buying a mobile phone or eating in a fast-food joint.

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Direct Taxes, as the name suggests, are taxes that are directly paid to the government by the taxpayer.

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